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Introducing New Features
Options now available that can make scheduling your next Event even easier.
Event Drafts
Ever started to schedule an event and had to step away?  You can now save your event as a draft and complete it at your convenience.  Look for on the bottom of each page when scheduling your event and save your work.


Once your event is saved, you can come back and complete it at any time.  Just remember to submit it for approval before your event starts.

Here's how to find saved events in draft status on your Training Entry page:

1.  Click on the Events tab at the top.  
2.  Choose "Draft" in the Event Status drop down menu.
3.  Click the Course Title to complete your event and submit for approval.

Multiple Sessions
Have a single training event with more than one session?  Schedule each session using the new Multiple Sessions feature.  Once you complete the last session, enter your roster for the entire event.  All attendees will receive full credit for the event regardless of their attendance at each session.

1.  Click YES next to Multiple Sessions.
2.  Edit the date and time of the first session.
3.  Click ADD SESSION.  New sessions default to the next calendar day. Edit the date and time for the new session.
4.  Remove a session by clicking REMOVE.
5.  Not ready to submit? Click SAVE AS DRAFT to save your work.  Edit and complete your event setup before the start date and submit for approval.


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