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  Summer 2016

Greetings from The Registry!

Welcome to the summer issue of the Training Solutions e-newsletter.  In this issue, we are pleased to share some important announcements that will make a positive impact in the field:

  • An exciting new app is now available for taking attendance that will save you time
  • New Registry courses for Trainers and Technical Assistance Professionals will soon be available.
  • A new requirement is coming that will maintain the integrity of our community of trainers.

Luanne Platt



  Save Time Taking Attendance!


  Get The New Registry App!

The Registry is proud to introduce the new Registry App for your smart phone or mobile device. The app is specifically designed to save you time and ensure accuracy in taking attendance.

How It Works

Find the app on Google Play or on the App Store by searching "Registry Wisconsin". Download the app for free to your smart phone or mobile device!

Beginning in July, Registry Cards will be distributed. Attendees will start bringing their cards to training events.

Use the Registry App to scan the code on each attendee's card. Attendance is instantly taken and will appear on each attendee's Registry Learning Record.

Add this app to your trainer toolbox today and save time taking attendance. Click here to learn more about using the Registry App.

 New Foundations Course Coming Soon!

 Check the Statewide Training Calendar for upcoming availability

The Registry has a group of trainers that are now ready to offer the new Foundations course that will be required for all new Trainers and Technical Assistance Professionals.  The Trainer course and Techncial Assistance course (formally the Consultant Course) have also been revised to align with best practices in supporting the workforce.

Though the new courses are not a requirement for current trainers, they are deisgned to challenge and inspire new and seasoned trainers alike. Learn more about the new courses here. Please check the statewide calendar for upcoming availability.

Background Screening Requirement

Maintaining the integrity of our community of trainers!

In order to maintain the integrity of The Registry and Trainers approved through The Registry system, a name-based criminal record check is now required for all Trainers and Technical Assistance Professionals. Current Trainers and Technical Assistance Professionals must submit a copy of the criminal record check to The Registry by January 1, 2017. Failure to submit a criminal record check may result in the suspension of your Registry trainer endorsement.

The record check not only checks a person’s criminal history through the Department of Justice (DOJ), but also checks for any professional licenses, any revocations or denials for a child or adult program, any rehabilitation review decisions, checks of the Nurse Aid Registry for findings related to the abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult or the misappropriation of a client’s property and a check of the Sex Offender Registry. 

The record check is part of the updated requirements for Trainers and Technical Assistance Professionals. Please note that this is the only requirement that applies to current Trainers and Technical Assistance Professionals.

Keep in Mind
  • You can request a record check through the Wisconsin Department of Justice here.
  • Accepted record checks must be dated within 5 years.
  • The Registry is not requiring a finger-print background check.
  • You can read more information about this requirement here.
  • You can view the updated requirements for Trainer and Technical Assistance Professionals here.

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